About Us

Children's Book Publishing is one of the most lucrative segments in the industry. Many players have created fine niches through their work and different products.

However, a need was being felt to have a high quality, fine print books for children. Motivated by the regular feedback and suggestions of the target audience, a group of hardworking professionals took this initiative. Thus, a star was born. Like an angel of knowledge and love, Arya publications arrived just in time when the need was being felt the most in the children's book publishing industry.

Their dedication and hard work has led to the creation of this publishing entity.

The publishing house has also introduced CD-ROMs, which contain fine colour animations. These CD ROMs make the learning process interesting. The student understands more through animated lessons and videos clips. The technical staff at Arya have developed fine course content on CD-Roms.

At Arya Publication Quality is a tradition and success is a passion. Its creative artists, Authors and sales professionals are working round the clock.

If you are looking for your children to get the right academic base, let them enjoy the books published by Arya Publication. Our content style and presentation leave an impression on every reader.

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